Who Am I?

Hello, I am Bramanto. Some people call me Bram. I graduated from a private university in East Jakarta, Indonesia in 2017 with a major Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics Engineering (Similar to a Bachelor of Computer Science). Currently, I am an Information System Specialist at Private University, located in South Jakarta City, Indonesia. I am also Developer for small businesses, communities, start-ups, and individuals.

I am a person that learns passion and experience and is the best teacher. Through mistakes and experience, I learned. I am sure no one is perfect in this world. by learning all at least be close to perfect. Listening and trying is my way to learn a lot.

I have worked within the scope of information technology for more than ten years. I started my career in information technology as a teacher assistant in one of the vocational high schools in the city of Depok, Indonesia.

As a Developer, I have the motivation to provide the best to my clients. I love sharing knowledge with my clients. Always there to nurture and help clients’ needs, to be the person who influences the client’s business success.

If you think I’m suitable to be your business partner or just an ordinary chat buddy. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank You