Sample Letter of Attorney to Extend Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK)

In terms of administration, especially documents related to the state, of course, there are active periods or validity periods that we need to pay attention to, one of which is when we own a motorized vehicle. The document certainly has a validity period stated in the contents of the document and the document owner is required to extend the active period of the document.


In February 2023, I had the opportunity to personally take care of the complete motorized vehicle documents, namely the STNK or an extension of the Vehicle Number Certificate. The vehicle that I use is a two-wheeled vehicle (Motorcycle). Just like in previous years I also took care of it personally (Not using shortcuts like scalpers). But before that, it was my parents who took care of the administration because the vehicle belonged to my parents. I only accompanied him to his destination, so I did not take care of him getting into the SAMSAT building.

This year, I try to take care of it myself from start to finish. But there is one document that is different when I arrange it myself, namely the need for a power of attorney (this is mandatory). A power of attorney here is needed as a sign or intermediary that the administrative documents being taken care of have been authorized by the power giver to the power of attorney. In this case, the Authorizer is my Parent, and I am the Recipient of Authorization This Power of Attorney document must be attached if the vehicle owner is not the one who takes care of the administration.

So, what can I do to meet administrative requirements?

What I did was to make a power of attorney which later contained some personal information from the Authorizer, the Recipient of Authorization, as well as detailed vehicle information. Actually, on the internet, there are lots of examples of power of attorney to extend the Annual STNK. However, we need to see and read in more detail whether the power of attorney contains the required information. I had time to compare several examples of letters available on the Internet, there are one and different things. Of course, this makes me a little confused. And until this post was written, I have not found the latest and official example of a power of attorney issued by SAMSAT. So I thought, maybe there really is not an official format from SAMSAT.

Therefore, I try to write and present information that I think is relevant and valid when used as a power of attorney resulting from a comparison of internet sources. I am attaching it here if there are friends who need a power of attorney format to extend the Annual STNK. Ohh, do not forget to give a stamp duty of Rp. 10,000 on the signature of the authorizer.

The following is a list of documents that must be brought in the annual vehicle registration renewal process for privately owned vehicles:

  • Photocopy of BPKP @ 1 sheet
  • Copy of STNK @ 1 sheet
  • Original Letter of Attorney @ 1 sheet
  • Original E-KTP of Vehicle Owner (Authorizer) @ 1 sheet
  • Photocopy of Original E-KTP of Vehicle Owner (Authorizer) @ 1 sheet
  • Original E-KTP (Recipient of Authorization) @ 1 sheet
  • Photocopy of Original E-KTP (Recipient of Authorization) @ 1 sheet


The current STNK extension process can be said to be fast, provided that all the required documents meet the criteria. My experience is taking care about 15 minutes from entering the SAMSAT building to leave the SAMSAT building.

So what do you think about this post? Leave this message in the comments section, thank you!

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