Streamlining the STNK Extension Process: A Sample Letter of Attorney and Personal Experiences

When it comes to administrative documents, particularly those pertaining to the state, it’s essential to be aware of their validity periods. This holds true for motorized vehicle owners as well. These documents contain specified validity periods, and it is the responsibility of the document owner to ensure timely renewal and extension of the document’s active period.


In February 2023, I had the opportunity to personally handle the complete documentation for my motorized vehicle, specifically the STNK (Vehicle Number Certificate) extension. The vehicle I use is a motorcycle, and unlike previous years where my parents handled the paperwork, I took it upon myself to manage the process this time. In the past, I would simply accompany my parents to the SAMSAT building, but now I wanted to handle it from start to finish, avoiding shortcuts or relying on scalpers.

However, I encountered a slight difference in the process when handling it on my own. I needed a power of attorney, which is mandatory. The power of attorney serves as a formal authorization, indicating that the administrative documents being processed have been authorized by the vehicle owner. In this case, my parent acted as the authorizer, granting me, as the recipient of the authorization, the power to handle the paperwork. The power of attorney document must be submitted if the vehicle owner is not personally taking care of the administrative tasks.

So, what can I do to meet administrative requirements?

In order to extend the Annual STNK (Vehicle Number Certificate), I prepared a power of attorney document that included personal information from both the authorizer and the recipient of the authorization, as well as detailed vehicle information. While there are numerous examples of the power of attorney templates available on the internet, it’s crucial to carefully review and ensure that the document contains all the required information. I spent some time comparing various samples I found online and noticed both similarities and differences among them, which left me slightly confused. As of now, I haven’t come across the most recent and official example of a power of attorney issued by SAMSAT. This led me to believe that an official format might not exist.

Hence, I decided to create a power of attorney template based on relevant and valid information gathered from my comparison of internet sources. I have attached the template here for anyone in need of a power of attorney format to extend their Annual STNK. Don’t forget to affix a stamp duty of Rp. 10,000 to the authorizer’s signature.

In the process of renewing the annual vehicle registration for privately owned vehicles, the following documents must be brought:

  1. Photocopy of BPKP – 1 sheet
  2. Copy of STNK – 1 sheet
  3. Original Letter of Attorney – 1 sheet
  4. Original E-KTP of Vehicle Owner (Authorizer) – 1 sheet
  5. Photocopy of Original E-KTP of Vehicle Owner (Authorizer) – 1 sheet
  6. Original E-KTP of Recipient of Authorization – 1 sheet
  7. Photocopy of Original E-KTP of Recipient of Authorization – 1 sheet


The process of extending the STNK can be relatively quick if all the necessary documents meet the required criteria. Based on my personal experience, it took me approximately 15 minutes from the moment I entered the SAMSAT building until I completed the process and left.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog post. Feel free to share your feedback and comments in the comments section below. Thank you!